What does cloud computing sound like?

I have recently had a short piece of work posted onto the Cities and Memory website as a guest addition.

Cities and Memory is a sound project that attempts to record both the present reality of a place, but also its imagined, alternative counterpart – remixing the world, one sound at at time.

Field Recording’s are accompanied by a reworking, a processing or an interpretation that imagines that place and time as somewhere else, somewhere new. The listener can choose to explore locations through their actual sounds, or explore interpretations of what those places could be – or to flip between the two different sound worlds at leisure.

My recordings originate from the sounds inside the Birmingham City University Data Centre at the Edgbaston Campus having recently taken a number of sound and video recordings there.

City Version

Memory Version

For further information on the work I am doing with acoustic ecology and the impact of cloud computing, please visit The Cloud is More Than Air and Water.