4.1 Surround Sound Installation responding to the paintings of Katarzyna Marciniak.

Artist Statement

I worked with visual artist Katarzyna Marciniak on developing a 4.1 multichannel audio installation that complements her work. I spoke with Katarzyna about the purpose and locations that formed the basis of her work and arranged a time to meet in London, where I was taken on an everyday tour of her once daily commute. I took a series of field recordings in these mundane spots. For me, the images represented a warping of the everyday and I have worked on producing audio artefacts that complement the mundane everyday of Katarzyna’s work but also reveal the hidden sublime of these locations that can only be picked up by a close listening of the space. One location created substantial electronic interference that was only audible through a microphone, another proved difficult to get into where once she was able to freely gain access, in other spaces nothing extraordinary happened at all.