Jagodna was once heavily populated, stimulating the economic area of Upper Silesia for many decades with a rich industry of forestry and mining.

Since the collapse of the ozone and inverted effects of ‘global warming’, the place has become desolate, permanently frozen, with little sign of life other than the trails from tyre tracks heading away from the bitter, frozen conditions that made it unbearable to work. Many of those workers have now fled to areas in the former Soviet Union such as Siberia, where the forest industry still pervades and the temperatures are a little more tolerable.

All that remains are the turrets,fences and a crazed dog. Tracks are frozen into the ground; it’s too cold to snow here, so the markings of the ground that present a rapid evacuation of the area are preserved perfectly.

The wind is bitter and ferocious, cutting through even the most ‘high-tech’ of extreme cold protective apparel. And the sound of the wind… it’s like nothing you’ve experienced, piercing through the trees like a demonic aeolian harp, convolving with the undulations of the terrain, piercing through your sensory perception.