Audiovisual Installation
Internet Access
LED TV Screen
Cash Box
Thermal Printer
Script written in Python on Linux
Twitter API
Soil owned by Apple Inc.
1x International Space Station

* Made in collaboration with James Dooley.

The immediate impact of our daily digital interactions on the natural world is rarely made visible. With the ubiquity of the Cloud, and social networks, we have never been more connected to one another and never more connected to our environment than today. For effortless communication with someone thousands of miles away, a powerful and resource intensive media infrastructure exists; one that’s ecological impact is on a planetary scale.

In a not too distant future, living upon a revolving space station orbiting the earth it becomes clear that the dividing line between nature and technology had never existed in the first place. When a photograph of the ‘Earthrise’ was taken on the Apollo Moon Mission in 1968 we hoped a process of globalisation would destroy the binaries of nature/culture. We realised all matter was spinning in the cosmos together.

In #medianatures we invite you to connect with us, across the physical planetary network and into to the thermosphere where you will discover that social media and user engagement are yet another commodified transaction. We exchange one token for another in a complex system of resource exchange, natural resource management and resource waste. In our future we finally see the quantification of this process and its effect on the nature below.


#medianatures was initially commissioned by TATA Digital Consultancy.