Network Topology

Video installation Edition: Reactive audiovisual environment produced with motion sensors, Arduino and Pure Data.
Standalone Fixed Video Edition: HD Screen and Headphones, 14:28 minutes duration.

Network Topology is a responsive real-time audiovisual installation explores the human impact of cloud computing and increased usage of data centers across the global landscape to the environment.

A number of major scale data centers have been constructed in the past decade by large multinational corporations who have sought to access locations abundant with natural resources in order to create 100% renewable powered facilities. But what of the surroundings to these locations? How are they adjusting both the environmental and social climate within these regions?

As visitors enter the space hosting the piece, they contribute to the need for increased capacity inside ‘the cloud’. As the capacity increases, the system needs additional resources and feeds from Network Topology. With each new visitor, the piece gradually becomes deconstructed, compressed and crushed into low fidelity noise and tension.

As demand decreases and the footfall into the space is reduced, Network Topology gains an opportunity to heal itself; but will it have enough time to make a full recovery?

Visit The People’s Cloud for further information on this project.