Digital Native


Video Format: HD Video Loop with Sound. 05 mins 43 secs
Print Format: 9x C-type matt print, 210 x 298 mm
Year: 2015

Mechanical Calculators

Among the digital and electronic devices in the museum lay a number of mechanical computers/calculators. The manual tools used by accountants the world over from the 1930’s to the 1970’s before digital computing technologies took over. These devices look incredible to me; as someone who has only ever known to use a digital calculator or my fingers to count. So many different methods of invention, all with the aim of achieving basic arithmetic with large numbers. I found the idea of grinding, punching and literally ‘crunching’ the numbers to be something to explore as I placed each item within the vast collection of The Imitation Archive.

The Sound of each device, woefully misused by a curious but incompetent user, incapable of understanding the logic behind these most logical of devices; unable to programme even the most basic arithmetical calculation, you can hear the sound of the modern ‘digital native’ attempt a simple addition but struggle to even wind the correct rotary dials.

Digital Native (Printworks)

The London Computator Corporation Limited-Model No. LC-509-SF-392-UK
Bell Punch Company Limited-Model No. 509-D-865.686-UK
Atvidaberg Facit-Model No. C1-19-Sweden
Contex-Model No. 136557-Denmark
Grimme, Natalis and Co.-Model Name. Brunsviga 13ZK-Germany
Grimme, Natalis and Co.-Model Name. System Trinks-Triplex-Denmark
Precisa 2nd Edition (Model No. Unknown)
The London Computator Corporation Limited-Model No. LC-512-SF-158-UK