Networking with film students

DSC_0004 (2)
A couple of weeks ago I was sent a message by my tutor James which was intended for students of composition who were potentially interested in meeting with final year film students from BCU.

A plan has been hatched to network with the film students and hopefully build some working relationships on the scores for their films.

I’ve signed up to attend this event which takes place next week and am hoping to make contact with postgraduate film makers looking for either/or sound design and audio production as well as composition for their work. It is an area I am really interested in and as a postgrad who has moved city for the course, not really knowing many people, I am looking forward to the opportunity to hopefully network and see what happens.

To this end, I thought it would be timely to have some business cards produced for this (and for other things) to show that I mean… well… you know… business!

I’ve matched the design of the cards to my website for a professional look. Hopefully people take note and my personality on the day will come across well. I feel that I should be able to offer something different to other composers with my experience in more electronic and technology based areas and I am sure that someone out there must be looking for someone that can offer that over a more traditional film score.

Letters to Vanessa – Audio Complete

I finished the audio for the short film I have been working on over Christmas, Letters to Vanessa this week.

I understand that there will be some colouration and final editing but its pretty much there so hopefully I will be able to show a little bit of something in my portfolio.

I was responsible for all of the audio for the short other than a piece of romantic piano music by Polish classical comoser Moritz Moszkowski. The film is shaped around the Serenata in D Major by Moszkowski and I have embellished the piece with additional elements of sound design and original composition.

I was also responsible for tracking the vocal tracks and sound design of the film which given that I don’t have a vocal recording space was quite a challenge.

I borrowed a EV-RE20 off my friend Nikhil to capture the lead males vocal which was perfect as he had a very deep voice anyway. It also gave me a chance to play with some new Waves plugins that I purchased.

You can find out more about Letters to Vanessa on the films official Facebook page where you can also request for a ticket to the screening of the film which should take place some time early in February.


I’ve started building a blog/portfolio site for Project okoooho (pronounced OKO OO HO).

The project is starting to take shape with much of the audio composition complete. It is great to be working with Sebastian Jusczyk again as well as getting assistance from Juhas Juhasowski, Gary Salomon and Andy Wooding on various elements of the project.

We’ve started discussing with a few people the possibility of bookings for next year for live shows and are looking at various VJ festivals and calls for submission to have the project considered for a live performance.

Visit our site for further details at