Moritz & Ivahn book launch and soundtrack



I will be performing in Berlin on Sunday 30 November at Südblock with Kate Smith from Capac for the book launch of Moritz and Ivahn by Christian Ludwig. The book will be published via Lieblingsempire.

I have written two pieces of music inspired by the novel and have been working closely with Christian on this for nearly a year and a half. I can’t wait to finally celebrate the work Christian has put into the project, not just writing a book but a soundtrack and a film to go with it.

You can hear the music now via Spotify, released through Lieblingsempire.

Travellers Talk – Radio/Podcast Intro

I recently composed a short Ident/Sting/Theme for a Radio/Podcast show called Travellers Talk. The show is about travelling as a young person. The brief was to create something positive, lively and felt like something you would hear whilst inter-railing or travelling on your gap year.

Part Cut

This weekend I was given short notice of a commission to work on a piece for film production company Juzz Media. They are currently working on a promotional film for Polish Hairdresser training academy, Berendowicz and Kublin. I’ve written a piece of general purpose music for them before which has been used on many training videos in their online library but this one is for a specific one off piece of footage. They wanted something contemporary and high energy so I have written a piece of ‘Trap’ style music for the piece which I think is on the rage in commercial music (Lexus / Mercedes) as well as the club scene worldwide.