TNMOC Blog I – Mechanical Calculators

Documenting Desktop Mechanical Calculators

Vintage III - Mechanical Calculator

I have been busy making a detailed audiovisual archive of the below mechanical calculators at The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park as part of my project The Imitation Archive.

Trinks~Triplex - Mechanical Calculator Vintage II - Mechanical Calculator

I am going to be working on creating audiovisual archive material for the next month. This is my first post. A series of simple images of mechanical calculators, all of which have a similar aesthetic to them, by and large but from different manufacturers. A variation of a theme. Vintage - Mechanical Calculator Klowther 400 - Mechanical Calculator

These are common devices used pre-computing. They are the original data processors. Moving on, I will begin to investigate the calculation power of electronic counting machines (early computers) and will continue to post audiovisual material as I progress through the collection. Facit - Mechanical Calculator Contex - Mechanical Calculator Brunsviga II - Mechanical Calculator Brunsviga - Mechanical Calculator

The Imitation Archive is a residency project with The National Museum of Computing, with support from The Arts Council England, The British Library and Birmingham Conservatoire.

High definition audio and further commentary coming soon.

Photos in order of appearance:

Bell Punch Company Limited
Model No. 509/D/865.686

Grimme, Natalis and Co.
Model Name. System Trinks-Triplex

Monroe Limited
Model No. Unknown

The London Computator Corporation Limited
Model No. LC/509/SF/392

The London Computator Corporation Limited
Mode No. LC/512/SF/158

Atvidaberg Facit
Model No. C1-19
Serial – 522373

Model No. 136557
Model Name. – +-x

Grimme, Natalis and Co.
Model Name. Brunsviga 13ZK
Serial No. 220217