Parallel Vectors


  1. Sierra María-Los Vélez
  2. Cortijada Los Gázquez
  3. New Street Station
  4. Isabella Plantation
  5. Derrydonnell Forest
  6. Gerani 19 / Buttes Chaumont

Parallel Vectors is the story of two people trying to find connections between the synthetic and the organic; an interweaving ambient work interested in process, place, and space.

Matt Parker and Stuart Cook currently transmit vibrations between London and Bristol, UK.

Parker and Cook began working together on Parallel Vectors to explore their interests in long-form field recordings and modular synthesis.

Parker, a sound artist and researcher interested in infrastructures and field recording techniques, began to dig through material from his previous four years of field recording research trips in search of single take long-form field recordings of locations and events evoking nature cultures at a time where — like many others — his movements and interactions with the wider physical world had become heavily restricted. Cook meanwhile, would spend late evenings taking a deep dive into modular synth building; reacting to his custom instrument, creating dense layered drones.

Following months of remote discussions on themes and concepts, with the darkness of winter setting in, the pair decided to work quickly and intuitively. Cook would initially produce a recording of a live performance using his custom modular instrument, which he would share with Parker. This activity was to take no more than one evening. On receipt, Parker would find a similar length single-take field recording from his archive of locations from around Europe. These included parklands, forests, off-grid research centres and locomotive transportation. The two sessions would be combined in parallel. Processed and arranged over the course of one night. Two nights of exploration for each piece.

All material by Matt Parker and Stuart Cook 2021 

cassette tape and artwork for album
cassette tape and puzzle pieces for album release


Soundtracking The Void


Released October 22, 2021

Cover art illustration : Alex Dimond


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