This is it Forever on Futuremusic.FM Radio

New Radio Show with Capac “This is it Forever” on

I’ve started working on a radio show for Tuesday nights with the other members of Capac. Its a two hour slot. Times vary but the playlists end up on Mixcloud for your listening pleasure.

Our intention (as radio newbies) is to focus on a thematic aspect to each show. We’ve started off with acoustic and/or vocal led music in our first show, ranging from Jeff Buckley, Bjork, to Eyvind Kang, Nico Jarr and much more. Our next show will be themed around ‘Vibration’, a topic very close to my research interests at the moment as I navigate the academic literature surrounding new materialism, vibrant matter and the agency of nonorganic matter. It’s an interesting process, deciding whether or not we wanted to be present within the show, verbally, physically or whether to just play the tracks out. We opted for a personal touch, as the music and sounds we will be playing are personal to us. It’s quite an odd feeling just letting your music collection out to be heard but whoever wants to hear it. If you’re reading this, I hope you have a chance to have a listen to one of the shows soon.