Formuls Review

Fluid Visuals with Formuls at SOUNDKitchen

I had recently posted about performing a show with James Dooley as Formuls, a live real-time algorithmic audio-visual duo at Birmingham’s SOUNDKitchen concert series, supported by Sound and Music. We received a very favorable review from the night courtesy of Fluid Radio and moreover, nobody had any reaction to the intense strobing!

Read the full review from the night over at Fluid Radio.

SOUNDKitchen September 2014 Formuls shadows of two performers against a projected background full of visual static
SOUNDKitchen September 2014

SOUNDKitchen Sep ’14

“The third evening in SOUNDKitchen’s 2014 series of electronic music events in Birmingham opened with a set from the duo Formuls. James Dooley made music using a self-developed algorithmic audio environment, while Matt Parker created real-time fractal visualisations that were projected behind the pair. Things began quietly, but it wasn’t long before a shuddering sub-bass pulse brought a more purposeful sense of drive, herding along high-end bleeps and whistles. Despite the heavy beat, I wouldn’t have called this dance music as such; sounds at the top and bottom ends of the audible spectrum seemed to cluster together in swarms rather than marching along in the orderly and predictable fashion demanded by the dancefloor. The visuals weren’t simply slavish representations of sonic events, but had a developing logic of their own, which was great to see. I wouldn’t normally listen to this style of music, but to my ears and eyes the set was fully convincing.”

Huge thanks to Nathan Thomas at Fluid Radio for coming and watching/listening and being positive about our debut (and full credit to him for the photo of us head moshing too).

V&A Late – DJ Set


I am going to be DJing at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Friday, 22 February as part of the Friday Late series.

This is my second time DJing at the V&A and its great to be asked to come back for a second time. The theme for this event is “The Secret Life of Furniture”, so I am going to be making a response piece to furniture making by recording various sounds from a furniture workshop and mixing them into a number of already known and original pieces of music. This time I will also be working with Miss Supongo aka Rita La Rosa who will accompany my music with live visuals from her computer, sourcing images from the worlds of Bauhaus and other renowned furniture design studios.

V&A Friday Late is a free event starting at 18:30.

Visit the V&A website for further information.