How Much Data Is There?

The People’s Cloud – Episode 4

Episode Description

“Will this exponential growth continue forever?” Örn Orrason

Episode 4 of The People’s Cloud asks the big question, how much data is there? It’s exponentially increasing but at what cost to global ecology? How do we sustain uninterruptable power for the material foundations of media infrastructure that is growing at such a rate without utterly crippling the carbon load of nations who host such sites? This episode is an introduction into the blunt materiality of digital media and the efforts made by companies to continue facilitating demand and driving costs down through efficiency. Save money for the shareholders. Use less energy. Save the planet.

Hydroelectric Power Station Toolset (Source: Sebastien Dehesdin)

The direct line between water, electricity, energy and data (Source: Sebastien Dehesdin)

Hydro Turbine (Source: Sebastien Dehesdin)
Computer Cabinet Chassis in Iceland (Source: Sebastien Dehesdin)

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