AER 2016: Día nueve

Día nueve: 01/09/16

All about connections Qohen. Wires, wireless, weaving a world-wide-web. Can’t get anything if you’re disconnected. (Joby, The Zero Theorem, 2013)

Today I prepared for a presentation on my work so far whilst at Joya and an introduction to my work in general.

It was quite a different kind of day where no field recording took place. I barely left the house other than to take a run first thing in the morning, knowing I wouldn’t leave again.I spent the day in front of a screen, rendering video, writing statements about my work, editing audio clips and creating the framework of a Los Gázquez sound library.The presentation was well received. I asked a question to everyone to think of their favourite or most peculiar sounds here at Los Gázquez as a challenge that would ensure material for me to seek. I received particularly strong feedback from the Beckman family, on the sounds they associate strongly with their home and there were a number of sounds I hadn’t yet recorded. Some of them more about day to day life than anything particularly unique to living in Los Gázquez itself, and some of them, quite specific. It will provide fuel for the next few days of this residency to work on.Later, we enjoyed food and talking about film… they seem to go hand in hand here, as Simon is particularly fond of film as is Solly which suits me very well as I begin to realise I have seen a good number of movies in my time but there are still plenty to learn about and bank for the future. I am particularly keen on finding a documentary about rewilding Yellowstone National Park by George Monbiot and also one about a Brazilian artist that is titled [something] Salt. The ecological concerns run deep throughout the structure of Los Gázquez and I hope that my work resonates with some it in some way although I do feel strongly that my work is currently really quite crude in terms of an investigation and politicised attempt at investigating carbon footprint, climate change and datafication however I also know that I am new to this world of art practice and I need time to develop a voice and an idea and I believe at least my critical approach offers some kind of a framework… It all comes down to the movement of air and of spinning objects that move air and the minerals and metals in the crust of the earth and our detachment from ourselves through this manufacture of minerals and metals, facilitated by such spinning wind forces… for now… although other technologies are being introduced that will challenge this notion.


The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) was launched in 2015 by Professor Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art and the Environment. Between August and September 2016, I spent two weeks at the arts-led field research centre Joya: arte + ecología. This is my journal.


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