Turbulence in the Chamber


Single Channel HD Video Stereo Audio. 04 mins 48 secs (2014)

What is ‘The Cloud’ and how is it affecting our lives? The People’s Cloud is a project investigating the acoustic ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in and the people who work to maintain it.

Turbulence in the Chamber explores the inner workings of The Cloud. As digital data permeates the air like dust in the wind, the piece explores the claustrophobic atmosphere inside the home of the internet; the modern Data Centre. The composition of sound in the piece serves as a stifling electroacoustic transmission that envelops the listener with mechanical chatter and cyclical hum. The source audio has been carefully created, exclusively utilising audio captured inside the small data centre facility that the imagery depicts. It has been condensed to stereo for this video.